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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Many Characters Enter One Character Leaves

The Arena The god of battle, Gorum, has transported you to an arena and demanded that you fight your fellows to the death. You will find yourself in a large arena, the bounds of which you cannot leave except through victory. The arena will have a variety of types of terrain and features, with obstacles … Continue reading »

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Rak’hard’s thoughts on combat…

For Rakhard, the death of Gymm has highlighted the need for the party to start developing team based protocols in dealing with scenarios we often find ourselves in. Standard Marching Order: Kyrus – High Perception to identify potential threats (Traps, hidden enemies) Roman – Tank/Armored and our Initiator is close so he can charge in … Continue reading »

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Don’t be a shitheel and get on in here!

Rah’kard says “Welcome to the party – no shitheels allowed!”  

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