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Many Characters Enter One Character Leaves

Posted by on December 7, 2012
The Arena

The god of battle, Gorum, has transported you to an arena and demanded that you fight your fellows to the death. You will find yourself in a large arena, the bounds of which you cannot leave except through victory. The arena will have a variety of types of terrain and features, with obstacles to line of sight, things to climb, and situational dangers. None of these dangers will be instantly lethal, and there will not be any traps. The arena will be three dimensional and have absolute bounds. Planar travel out of the arena will prove impossible, so don’t even try.

The Rules

Every participant will be level 5 at the start. If your character is not yet level 5, you may enjoy a holiday gift of permanent experience increase to bring you up to level 5.

None of your character’s equipment will be with you. Instead, you must purchase all the equipment you think you will need, including weapons, armor, and ammunition. Every character will have a pool of 10,000 gold with which they can purchase equipment found in any Paizo-published Pathfinder book, at the listed price. (Quite helpfully, all items in all books are compiled into Ultimate Equipment.) This equipment will not persist past the Battle Royale.

Your characters will appear as they are, except for their equipment. That means no changing your feats, skills, ability scores, spells known, etc. You may of course prepare your spells for the day if your class requires preparing spells.

Stealth mechanics are allowed. If you choose to engage in stealth, information about the location of the sneaky one will be hidden from the other players, with movement and actions being told via passed notecards to the GM.

Alliances, non-aggression pacts, favor-trading, etc. are allowed. However, every two rounds during which no character has inflicted lethal damage upon another character, every surviving character will be inflicted with 2d6 elemental damage that bypasses damage resistance. (If you try to cheat your way around this damage, Gorum will be extremely displeased.) In the end there can be only one!

The Prizes

The last three survivors will be rewarded with experience and magical items:

  • First place: 2000 bonus XP and a medium wondrous item to be determined by the class of the victor
  • Second place: 1000 bonus XP and a minor wondrous item to be determined by class
  • Third place: 500 bonus XP and a minor magical weapon to be determined by class

These prizes will persist into the larger campaign. All other events in the arena, including player death, will not occur as a part of the lore of the campaign. Your characters remember the events of the arena as if they happened in a dream, and only the prizes will serve as proof that it happened at all.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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