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Last Time on Pathfinder: The Sawmill, the Justice, and the Raven

Posted by on February 21, 2013

From the Bardic Journal of Roman Éire, Paladin of Iomedae

The Sawmill, the Justice, and the Raven



(Guitar Strum, D Minor) Last time on pathfinder, rise of the Runelords: A harrowing tale of intrigue, surprise, battle and diplomacy.

On the words of two swamppy shapeshifters, our heroes set out for the sawmill implicated with the brothers seven, an evil brotherhood of the occult.

In an effort to glean as much information as possible, the party created two tasks forces, one to remain in magnamar and gather information from the local townsmen and the other to brutishly uncover whatever secrets lie at the sawmill.

So venturing out, Ra’khard, Roman, Lanmia, and Osiris made their way to the sawmill to start their investigation.

At first look there was nothing fishy, and frivilous detect evil spell uncovered nothing nefarious from the outside.

As the heroes made their way into the prominent working room, they met what would appear average sawmill workers.

The workers insisted that the heroes leave the dangers of the cutting room floor, and agreed to retrieve the manager of the sawmill.  Two workers stayed behind, one left for the manager.

On his return, he insited that Ra’khard, Roman, Lanmia and Osiris follow him to the managers office.  The party of four, accompanied by 3 workers wound their way up tight stair wells for 3 floors.  On arrival at the 3rd floor, the party percieved that the leader of the group was obtusly tense.

At this point, roman detected evil at the worker at the head of the group, as well as the room they were being lead to.  There was an evil aura eminating from the worker, and an even stronger aura on the otherside of the door.


At this point, Ra’khard unholstered his gun and let one fly right into the leg of the worker leading them to untold evils.

Lanmia, turned (at the rear of the party) and started hacking at the two workers bringing up the rear, still in the stair wells.

At this start of battle, who entered the fight but none other but Justice Ironside (or whatever his name is) himself.  Justice Ironman was implicated as a member of the brothers of the seven back in magnamar, so the heroes braced for the worst.

Roman made some unsuccessful volleys in attacking Justice Sideburns, while Ra’khard attempted to shoot down the stairs at the workers to no avail and actually had an misfire exposion in his gun.

Osiris, loose as he is with his bombing and flames, let some fly towards justice burnside and started some small fires across the wooden floor.

At this point, justice Itburnswhenipee waved his arm and disappeared from site.  Roman, not knowing what else to do tried again to attack where he saw him disapear from.

As the fire continued to spread across the third floor, osiris went down to help lanmia continue to defend the stairwells as a choke point and slotter minion after minion with great cleaves and precise bombs.

Listening carefully, roman and Ra’khard were able to distinguish footsteps running for the stairs, so Ra’khard and a tenacious dwarf fury ran after the foot steps and finally came to a hault when re ran into an unseen object just past lanmia with a thud.

Here rhikard fired into the invisiable ether, and hit nothing, while roman (saying a quick prayer to Iomedae) jumped over a low wall, down to the stairs below, and landed right in front of Ra’khard and Justice Reiholdt.  Slashing at the invisible air, roman accidentally left a slash gash on Ra’khard.

As justice, uhh oh jesus, just The Justice flickered back into vision, Ra’khard, Roman, Osiris and Lanmia decemated him with Lanmia making the final mortal blow.

At this point the fire above was spreading, but without searching for documents and or other evidence implicating the justices’ guilt, the party was really just murderers of high ranking government officials

So, being the strong headed dwarf he is, rhikard ran through the fire on the 3rd floor to the office of the justice and started recovering what he could.  Lanmia revealed her self as part fire elemental as she moved through the fire with finese and “negate”

Roman and Osiris searched the body of the justice for any sort of evidence and found a human leather mask, a key and some various weaponry and armor.

Ra’khard, upon entering the office of the justice found the walls covered in human leater masks, various documents, and a locked foot trunk.  He also spotted a ladder to a rookery above that had ravens and a window.  He jotted a quick note that said, “were coming for you” and loosed the ravens out the window, where they flew directly towards the underbelly of the city.  In a most noble and dare i say hearty movement, he retrived what he could, of the masks and footlocker and jumped out the window to a party of guards, and his friends below.

The head gaurd garrette and his patrol drew their lances to keep the heroes in place, and rhikard and roman began their back in forth, patented dimplomatic style of trying to save their skins while also trying not to kill every guard.

It ended up coming to a head when roman and garrette had an aside where it was determined that our heroes would figure out the final details of this activity with the understanding that garrette be included in the glory if things go well, or left out of the mess if things go wrong.

So our heroes were smuggled to a lower/middleclass inn where they can rest for 24 hours, and proceed into the underbelly of the city to put a stop to the brothers seven and the evil that is a unseemly amount of weird human leather masks.

And so we prepare for: next time on Pathfinder, Rise of the Rune Lords.

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