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Party Charter – Work in Progress

We in order to form a more perfect union all consign to agree that we will follow and abide by the following Adventuring Company Charter.
We hold that these truths to be self evident:
  • All party members are created equal and deserve to be treated equally by the group
  • We are all free to do as we chose and if we do not wish to adventure together we may dissolve our group and go our separate ways
  • We are all free to believe and worship our faiths and creedos as we see fit so long as we do not impugn our beliefs and creedos unbidden by our party members.
  • We are all free to act as we see fit so long as we don’t intentionally bring harm to other members of the group.
All Party Members while in the act of working together to defeat challenges and obstacles in the quest for money, power, fame and various other motivations here to now for described as “adventuring” will maintain the following standard of behavior while conducting such activity either in whole or in part of the group.
We shall not commit the following behaviors to the signatory constituents of adventuring company here to fore referred to as “The Group”
  • Thievery or various acts of member to member larceny.The punishment depends on the level of infraction but can range from disavowment and exile to capital punishment.
  • Falsehood and Deceit that leads to the loss of life, physical harm, and or reputation of those who have consigned to this charter. IE
  • Not telling a party member there is a trap at their feet if they knew there was such a device there.
  • Not informing members of the group that there is a dragon around the corner waiting to eat them.
  • Direct member to member violence as a result of disagreement will not be tolerated punishment can range from disavowement and exile to capital punishment.
On Treasure
  • All valuables, magic items, monies, artifacts, items here to now for known as “Treasure” are considered party treasure and is the property of the party until it can be appropriately distributed based on equal shares according to members of the party participating in its acquisition.
  • Certain items depending on need and communally agreed expedited appropriateness will be distributed
  • Potions of Healing going to people that need potions of healing immediately
  • Wands and or Magic User Specific Items going to characters with the ability to use such devices before going to party members who cannot
  • Items that cannot be immediately used for the benefit of the group and will be sold for monetary gain will be processed at the party’s soonest applicable rest point not before
On Treatment of Prisoners
  • All prisoners who are of the overt Evil persuasion are summarily executed unless there is an expeditious facility for their reform and due process according to the laws of the land.
  • All prisoners who are of the overt Evil persuasion may and will be treated with the same level of treatment we would receive from them
  • All prisoners who are not the overt Evil persuasion will be treated with respect in accordance of the laws of the land and not tortured and or summarily executed
  • All prisoners who surrender are to be stripped of their valuables and rendered threat neutralized before any more negotiations continue.
  • All prisoners who negotiate will be subject to Detect Evil before passing judgement
On Treatment of non combatants
  • All members of the Evil persuasion will be executed if there are no facilities for their rehabilitation and or due process
  • All members of the non evil persuasion will be left alone and intact we will not rob or harass them in anyway



We are a group and in order to stay a strong group and stay alive we are agreeing to the following:

  • No Stealing from each other
  • No Killing each other
  • No Betrayals of any kind

Punishment for any infractions of the above can range from exile or death

Treasure will be distributed in the following ways

  • By immediate class need/equip
  • Communal consensus that the item or treasure needs to be given to a party member immediately
  • Monentary rewards (Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Precious Gems, Artwork, non magic items etc) will be divided at the next most convenient break by the Party accountant
  • Magic Items and weapons that cannot be immediately used and will be sold will have their monetary value divided amongst the group

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